Registrations close on Sunday 3 September for the Youth Advisory Group and Online Youth Forum that gives young people the chance to have a say about education in New Zealand.

Time is running out for our young people to get involved with two new initiatives designed to let them have their say about education in New Zealand.

A Youth Advisory Group and Online Youth Forum have been set up so that young people between the ages of 14 and 18 can contribute their views on our education system. Registrations to be involved in these groups close on Sunday 3 September.

The Ministry of Education’s video My Education, My Voice encourages 14-18-year-olds to register their interest for the Youth Advisory Group and Online Youth Forum. It can be viewed here.

The Ministry wants to ensure that young people have an opportunity to share their experiences of our education system, as well as ideas about any improvements that could be made.

The Youth Advisory Group will be made up of 10 young people and will meet four times a year. Another 100 young people will have the opportunity to be part of an online youth forum which will discuss and test insights gathered from the council, to ensure diverse viewpoints are gathered on selected education topics.

Ten reasons to get involved in the Youth Advisory Group and Online Youth Forum

  1. Just turn up on the day, get involved in the conversation, and have your say. Simple as that.
  2. It will be fully catered, so there will be plenty of yummy food.
  3. It won’t cost you anything.
  4. You won’t need to prepare for meetings.
  5. It takes five minutes to sign up for the Youth Advisory Group, and you can do it on your phone here >
  6. All 14-18-year-olds can take part in the Online Youth Forum. You can sign up at any time, so spread the word and get your friends involved too >
  7. You don’t have to upload a video as part of the registration process. Instead, simply answer the question in the text box provided.
  8. You don’t have to be a student to sign up for the Youth Advisory Group or Online Youth Forum.
  9. You will meet other young people who also want to make a difference.
  10. Your perspectives will be shared with the education agencies – so your ideas could make a difference.

What will be expected of you?

  • The first Orientation Day will take place in the final week of October (day tbc). It will be around four hours long.
  • There are four meetings a year, with the first one in February 2018 (date tbc).
  • You will be able to share your ideas and be willing to listen to others.
  • At the end of your time, you will be presented with an official certificate outlining the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values you have demonstrated, which will look good on your CV.



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